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A Company Blog Is Important For Your Business. Here’s Why

by | Dec 18, 2021 | Blog Copywriting, Blog Writer, Copywriting Services, Copywriting Tips, Website Copywriting

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With nearly 4 billion people around the world currently connected to the Internet, there’s never been a better time for businesses to incorporate blogs into their marketing strategies.

A blog not only increases website traffic and promotes products and services, but also helps build trust with potential customers. This post focuses on many of the benefits of having a company blog for businesses.

Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

After starting a business, many wonder if a blog is worth it. Short answer: Yes! And that’s because of the far-reaching benefits discussed here.

1. It Helps to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you need more website visitors, raise your hand. Now think about how people find your website:

  • They can enter your name directly into their browser, but it’s for the audience you already have. They know who you are, you’re on their radar, and it doesn’t help you get more traffic in addition to what you’ve already received.
  • You can pay for the traffic by buying it. Blow it up, and hope some people open and click on the email. But it’s expensive and at times illegal.
  • You can pay for traffic by running a large number of paid ads. This isn’t illegal, but it’s still quite expensive. And when you run out of budget, your traffic doesn’t come either.

2. You can Divert Blog Content to Social Media

Blogs for your business also help you discover the vast possibilities of social media. Every time you create a new article, you create content that can be shared on social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest) to introduce your business to new audiences and to engage existing ones.

The content of the blog also helps maintain the presence of social media. Instead of asking the social media manager to continue creating new content for social media (or creating that content yourself), you can make your blog act as a content repository.

Enhance your social reach with blog content and attract new website visitors to your blog through social channels. Quite a symbiotic relationship!

3. Helps Translate Traffic into Leads

Now that you have more traffic to your website through your blog, it’s time to turn that website’s traffic into a lead. Each post offers a new opportunity to generate new leads, just as every blog post you write is a separate indexed page. It’s very easy to run. Just add a lead-generating action call to every blog post. These Calls to Actions (CTA) often lead to  free ebooks, white papers, fact sheets, webinars, trials or content that basically someone is willing to share information with.

4. Produces Long-Term Results

The best business blogs answer frequently asked questions from readers and customers. If you consistently create valuable content and articles for your audience, you will be recognized by them as an industry leader or authority. “Building Authority” is not as specific as traffic or leads, but it is very powerful. You can use it to measure sales activation.

5. Blogs Help You Build Links

Incoming or backlinks are one of the numerous factors that Google’s algorithms take into account when ranking websites on search engine results pages. Many experts and small business owners also believe that backlinks are the third most important factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Generating inbound links is important, but the majority of SEO pros say link building is the most difficult part of search optimization. Creating articles that are valuable not only to potential customers, but also to other companies that viewers consider to be industry leaders makes it easy to get relevant links.

Links to trusted websites are provided as a trust vote or as a recommendation from other websites. And it informs Google that you are reliable and expert in your industry.

 You’ve seen the benefits your business blog can bring-more traffic, leads, authority and better relationships with your audience. And you are eager to get started. Keep going and feed your blogs regularly!



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We provide professional copywriting services for blogs, SEO, websites, social media and advertising.  Contact us for a customized, personal solution for your needs.

Need Help with your Copywriting?

We provide professional copywriting services for blogs, SEO, websites, social media and advertising.  Contact us for a customized, personal solution for your content needs.

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