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Most business dread the task of creating copywriting for their company, in many cases the task of writing product descriptions, social media posts, and even paid advertising has been unwittingly assigned to newly hired staff – “the new guys”.

Unfortunately, such companies do not understand the lasting value of creating high quality content and copywriting for a company’s digital presence. The Internet was built on quality copywriting and content, just ask any Digital Marketer, SEO, Social Media, or AdWords professional.


Great Copywriting Sells, Really Great Copywriting Sells Even More

A copywriting agency gives you more than just skilled writers and editors on your team. You also get access to a wealth of resources because most agencies have a network of professionals that can help you achieve your marketing goals.


Who Has Time to Create Copywriting

Most people find it difficult to put their thoughts into writing, especially when they are rushed for time or are a bit rusty at creating copy.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs who believe that they are saving their business money by internally producing the company’s copywriting.

Where are the savings? when it takes your staff three (3) working days to create an article that a professional can do in a few hours.  Content Factory has the ability to produce quality content fast, that’s our specialty.  Saving your employees time for more productive tasks.


Are You Up to Speed with The Latest Copywriting Trends?

Do you have time to research the latest trends in creating SEO copywriting that Google will rank #1?  Are you on top of what your competitors are writing for their social media campaigns? Do you measure the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) as a function of your advertising copywriting quality?

Our copywriters’ specialists were hired as professional who enjoy the world of copywriting.  They live, breath and work at copywriting and will provide you with the best copywriting based on the latest industry trends and methods.


How Does Copywriting Fit Into Your Plans?

Most businesses do not understand that creating great copy does not happen organically, and will almost never happen, unless you sit down and focus on copywriting.

So do not expect your staff produce loads of quality copywriting for your company blog or social media campaign – these things just don’t happen in the real world.

Quality copywriting has to be curated like a fine blend of coffee, it can not be rushed, or created at a moments notice.

If your company is not producing content for the internet your either very busy or falling behind.

Digital Marketing Pro tip, create a copywriting plan, set up a list of achievable KPI.  If you’re not achieving your goals, give us a call we might be able to help.


Can You Afford to Have Sub-Standard Copywriting?

Copywriting is a specialized talent and cannot, should not, be substituted by staff with mediocre copywriting skills.

Just imagine creating a new website for your company, new images, new logo, even a new marketing campaign to promote your new website.

What happens when your potential customer visits your new website and starts reading about your products and services?

What are they going to think and feel  when the copywriting they are reading sounds like it was translated a few times and is full of types and spelling errors?

More than likely your new website will produce lack-luster marketing results, not because of the design, but due to the lousy website copywriting.

A professional copywriter understands their intended market, they understand the products or services they are writing about, they know what words gets your potential customers motivated to click the buy now button.

Do not skim on copywriting for your website, you’ll be gambling with the success of your new website.


Talk to a Copywriting Specialist

Do you have a project that needs to be completed? Are you looking for a creative writer who can produce superb quality content in a variety of styles and tones?

We have expert writers for writing blogs, SEO articles, social media campaigns, website copy and  advertising copy. Our professional copywriters will give you the edge over your competitors by creating unique, interesting copy for your brand.

We can also help you to create marketing strategies, set up target KPI and design dashboard to measure the success of your copywriting campaign.

Need Some Help with Your Copywriting?  Contact Us.

We provide professional copywriting services for blogs, SEO, websites, social media and advertising.  Contact us for a customized, personal solution for your needs.

Need Help with your Copywriting?

We provide professional copywriting services for blogs, SEO, websites, social media and advertising.  Contact us for a customized, personal solution for your content needs.

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