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How To Write Web Copy That Sells

by | Dec 18, 2021 | Copywriting Agency, Copywriting Services, Copywriting Tips, Website Copywriting

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What Makes a Good Web Copy?

Well written? Good storytelling? Yes, both good writing and good storytelling are the keys to a good website copy. But beyond that, website copy must be effective in achieving business goals. Attract people, encourage them to explore your products and services and impress them to buy. If it doesn’t sell, it’s no good.


How Do You Write a Good Copy for Your Website?

Writing a good copy requires strong language commands, good vocabulary and a deep understanding of the audience. However, there are few other equally important factors that make a copy attractive and compelling.


1. Personalize Your Copy

Create a copy personality that matches your brand message and the buyer’s characteristics. If your clients are college students, write in a language that they can correlate. If you want to take your company’s message seriously to the target, present it through loud and clear copies. Voice is an important element of personality.


2.   Make Copies Scannable

In most cases, online visitors scan the copy instead of reading every word in the copy. If they can’t scan your copy and can’t find the information you’re looking for, they’ll leave in no time, probably to a competitor’s website. That’s the last thing you want to happen. To make  content scannable:

  • Use headings and subheadings in large fonts for easy navigation
  • Use bullet points for skimming purposes
  • Write in short sentences and paragraphs
  • Use photos to explain your point of view
  • Use responsive design that makes copies written in the viewer’s language

3.   Be Mobile-Friendly

Most websites are mobile-friendly these days. But is your copy mobile friendly? Not all responsive mobile website versions have reader friendly copies. As more and more people visit your website from mobile devices, it’s also important to make your copies more mobile-friendly. Let’s see how it’s done.

  • Adjust the font size of your mobile device
  • Write short sentences
  • Split the copy into smaller paragraphs
  • Use “Read More” buttons after brief description
  • Create a block of content using white space and colours

4.   Add More Call to Action (CTA)

Call To Action (CTA) is an integral part of sellable copies. The idea behind writing good text is to draw the attention of visitors, impress them, persuade them and encourage them to act. Promote product purchases, newsletter subscriptions or e-book downloads. Follow the below tips to write a practical CTA.

  • Shorten your CTA in one word
  • Keep it simple
  • Include action in the CTA (For example use straight and clear words such as ‘Buy’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Download Here’ etc)

5.   Include Related Links

There are numerous benefits of adding backlinks and external links inside your copy. It engages your audience and makes them browse at different pages inside your website. Some of the benefits of adding a link are:

  • Helps SEO and raises rankings
  • Helps readers learn more about the topic
  • Go to the related page

However, don’t overuse the links. Use only if the reader has an advantage in clicking the link.

Remember that there are thousands of websites that vie for the attention of potential customers. A good copy will help you get their attention. Use the tips above to make your copy more attractive and allow you to perform the actions you need- more subscriptions, more sales, etc.



Need Some Help with Your Copywriting?  Contact Us.

We provide professional copywriting services for blogs, SEO, websites, social media and advertising.  Contact us for a customized, personal solution for your needs.

Need Help with your Copywriting?

We provide professional copywriting services for blogs, SEO, websites, social media and advertising.  Contact us for a customized, personal solution for your content needs.

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